I am retired after being self-employed for more years than I want to think about.

I can fix or repair, just about anything, except flashlights.

I worked one summer as an auto mechanic overhauling engines.

I also have programmed computers in Basic, Assembly language and C. My first computer was a Radio Shack Color Computer, the one that had the chicklet keys in the gray box.

ColorComputer.gif (7214 bytes)

Now I use HTML and Microsoft's FrontPage 4.0 for web pages and have built an Ethernet network in my home.

In 1995 I got my diploma for PC Software Engineering.

NRI_Diploma_800x600.jpg (77655 bytes)

I can built a house from the ground up. My father was a home builder and I grew up following him around. The people that worked for my father taught me everything about building a house. Such as:

Laying a foundation, putting the plumbing under the slab, pouring concrete, which is very hard work!

Building the frame work of a house is what carpenters do.

Electricians wire the house, roofers put on shingles to keep you dry.

Then there is dry wall and painting, which I really don't like to do that much.

I worked in Radio, TV, VCR repair for most of my working years.

I did photography for a hobby, I even worked as a photographer, taking pictures of babies.  You can see some of my photographs at my Photo Galley.

So we have mechanic, digging ditches, concrete work, carpentry, electrician, roofer, electronics, computers, and photography.

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