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Personal Information

I  am single, my birthday is August 16, 1942. I don't smoke or drink.

If you are a lonely female and want to talk Send e-mail to:

What I do.

I was born in a small country community, about 35 miles north of Dallas, Texas. My Grandfather was a Doctor and he delivered me.

I grew up in Jasper, Texas where my father, Clinch McMillan, built Homes all over Jasper and I left when I was about 18 or 19 to go to a Technical school in Port Arthur, Texas.

I lived in Beaumont, Texas for several years before leaving in 1978 to travel around the USA. In my travels I visited about two-thirds of the middle and southern United States.

I settled in Nashville, Tennessee in 1978 and enjoyed the Country Music until about 1990 when I moved back to Texas.

I lived in Vidor, Texas until moving back to Jasper, Texas in 1997.

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