Film Data


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Some of these Data sheets were originally multiple languages. Only the English part is in the PDF.

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Kodak Films 1968.pdf Kodak Films Condensed Information and Prices (1968)
Thank you George E., for your scan.

2003 Kodak Professional Catalog_L9.pdf  The KODAK PROFESSIONAL Photographic Catalog (L-9)

 Kodak Table Of Sizes.pdf  Kodak Processing Labs.

Color films

KodaColor II.pdf  KodaColor II film for color prints and enlargements (code 5035).

KodaColor_400 Data Sheet.pdf KodaColor 400 Color negative film. (code 5075, 6075)

Kodak Gold 100 & 200_E15.pdf  Kodak Gold 100 and 200 Color negative film

Kodak Royal Gold 200-3_E7006.pdf  Kodak Royal Gold 200. Advantix Film Color negative film

Kodak_Professional_Portra_Films_OCT2000_E190.pdf  Portra Color Negative Films

Kodak_Portra_May2003_E190.pdf  Portra Color Negative Films

Vericolor II Data Sheet 5025.pdf  Kodak Color Negative film

Kodak_Vericolor_III_film_E26.pdf  Kodak Color Negative film

Vericolor_VPS6006_5026.pdf  Kodak Color Negative film

Vericolor_Slide film_E24.pdf  KODAK VERICOLOR SLIDE FILM / 5072(Rolls)

Kodak Vericolor Slide film SO-279.pdf  Kodak Vericolor Slide Film 279

Kodak Vericolor II 4107 Type S.pdf  Kodak Vericolor II Sheet film Type S

Kodak Vericolor II 4108 Type L.pdf  Kodak Vericolor II Sheet film Type L

Vericolor Internegative.pdf  Internegative Film

Ektachrome 64.pdf  Ektachrome Color Slide Film

Kodak Ektachrome 64 Professional Film 6117 Daylight.pdf  Ektachrome Color Slide Film

Ektachrome 400.pdf  Ektachrome Color Slide Film


Polaroid type 108.pdf  Polaroid Color Film Pack 108

Polaroid type 669.pdf  Polaroid Color Film Pack 669

Black and White films

Kodak Technical Pan 2415.pdf  Black and White, Panchromatic negative film.

Kodak_Black&White+400_film_F15.pdf  C-41 process Back&White film.

Kodalith Type 3.pdf Kodalith Ortho Type 3 High Contrast sheet film.

Kodak PlusX_Pan.pdf Kodak PlusX Pan ISO 125

Kodak TriX Pan.pdf  Kodak Tri X Pan ISO 400

High Contrast Copy 5069.pdf  A High Contrast panchromatic film for making copy negatives.


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