BenQ (Acer or AcerView)

Date of creation is July 8 2003.

I am a qualified service technician (retired). I was in the Television, Radio and VCR repair for 30 years.

I wanted a service manual for my AcerView 7134T Monitor which was built in January 1998. I called BenQ America Corp. Customer Service & Support (888-723-2238). 

The girl on the phone told me that they do not sell service manuals. I then asked to speak with somebody with authority, the girl took my phone number and said they would call.

A man did call and refused to sell me a service manual. He said Benq has repair stations, two in the United States, one in New Jersey and one in California. The reason that he gave for not selling me a service manual was legal reasons, he said that they are afraid of getting sued if somebody got hurt because they sold a service manual.

I think that is just plain stupid.
Why do they think that a person who states that they are a qualified service technician would get hurt by reading and using one of their service manuals. Much less sue them. Folks, we are talking about a manual that is for certain to have warnings about electrical shock in bold print.

There are schematics on the internet for their monitors and other manufacturers.

I do not like doing business with a company that wants to keep all the repairs to themselves or that are so afraid of getting sued, that they will not sell you a piece of paper.

At this time I own three of their products. AcerView 7134T 14 inch monitor, AcerScan 620ST scanner and a Acer ScanWit 2720S film scanner. 

I will not buy another one of BenQ's products.
Update, the Acer ScanWit 2720S failed again and I trashed it. March 4 2004 I bought a Konica Minolta Scan Dual IV to replace the film scanner. The Konica Minolta Scan Dual IV is now discontinued and I have trashed the one I had

New Information, if you want to see BenQ's own forum and see all of the complaints. I suggest you read the CRT Monitor forum. Click on Product Forum to open up the list.


September 11, 2005: 
With no thanks to Benq, I fixed this monitor. The information came from a web site that had monitor repair tips. One of the tips pointed me in the correct direction. Thank you Internet.


November 02, 2009: 
Product Forum is gone now.