Bed Sheet Background

Beginning Photographers often want to know how to make low cost backgrounds. The question is sometimes asked if you can make photographic backgrounds from ordinary household bed sheets. The short answer is anybody can make backgrounds out of just about anything. So, Yes you can make backgrounds out of bed sheets.

Solid color bed sheets can be bought at many stores and make good backgrounds. You can choose whatever colors the you think would look pleasant. Even low cost bed sheets will work well, just don't have the sun shining through!  Indoors against a wall is sure to work.

If you are a little artistic, you can paint the sheet with a scene or a cloud pattern.

Here is a King size bed sheet that I made into a solid color background that fits my Background Support.

P9281362.JPG (24325 bytes)
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Finished size is 9 ft. wide X 8 ft 3 in. high

I used a Standard King size bed sheet.
108 X 102 inches

KingSheetJPG.JPG (36547 bytes)

To fit my Background stand, I sewed a 6 inch loop for the top rod of my stand.

P9281367.JPG (53435 bytes)

P9281368.JPG (36632 bytes)

Finished Front view

Finished Rear view

P9281359.JPG (30542 bytes)

P9281358.JPG (21073 bytes)


Measure 6 inches from the top and put a chalk mark. Mark at convenient intervals. 

Fold to the chalk mark and pen the loop, then sew.

My background stand is a BG-115 by Welt, which is now discontinued. 


Bg_115_front.JPG (57444 bytes)

Bg_115_spec.JPG (82565 bytes)

Background supports are available from Photographic stores.


Last Edited: May 16, 2009