Free File: UnderCoverXP

  Print your own CD, DVD, and videogame covers.

By Dan Mitchell

Your collection of burned CDs looks like you bought it at the swap meet. You scrawled titles with a Sharpie and the jewel-case artwork looks like your kid brother slapped it together with a couple of Magic Markers and a nice glue buzz. Can you even tell your bootylicious love mixes from your angry long-hair metal mixes? Well, my friend, it's time to give your burned CDs a more professional look with today's free file.

UnderCoverXP automatically scales your digital images so you can print CD covers (front and back), inlays, DVD boxes, PlayStation covers, and two different types of CD labels (Pressit and CoolBela). All you have to do is drag and drop an image into the interface, click the type of cover you want (CD, DVD, and so on), and press Print.

The interface features two windows so you can view two pictures at once -- useful if you're going to print the front and back of a CD.

You can also choose to print both images on one page and print the cut/fold lines. And you can add different label types to a configuration file if you're so inclined.

Please note: Despite the name, you don't need Windows XP to use this program. It works with all versions of Windows.

Author's Web site UnderCoverXP

An older version for download UnderCoverXP Version 1.06.
To save the file on a Windows computer, Right click and Save Target As.

Originally posted October 20, 2003 On Tech

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