How to remove the glass from a Canon 9950F scanner for cleaning.

Thanks to "Talker" in one of the Scanner News Groups.
He provided these excellent Photos of his Canon Canoscan 9950F Scanner as he took the scanner apart for cleaning the underside of the glass.

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The Canon Canoscan 9950F Scanner, before doing anything.

01. Canon 9950F scanner.jpg (56373 bytes)

With the Lid removed.

02.  Lid Removed.jpg (48676 bytes)

Remove the two screws, that are recessed in the well for the lid hinge.
Use a small screwdriver to raise the glass cover plate.

03. Remove two screws.jpg (97405 bytes)

Picture of the cover raised.

04. Glass cover plate raised.jpg (87428 bytes)

Glass Cover Plate removed.

05. Glass cover plate removed.jpg (61641 bytes)

Glass popped up.

06. Glass popped up.jpg (67320 bytes)

 Pull the Glass forward and raise the glass as you pull forward.

08. Glass raised and being pulled.jpg (73634 bytes)

Glass is Removed. Inside view of the Scanner.

09. Glass removed.jpg (69849 bytes)

Location of the screws holding the cover of the scanning element, lamp and the mirrors.
As indicated, use a screwdriver to release and raise the cover.

10. Removing mirror cover plate.jpg (93179 bytes)

Mirror cover plate raised. The lamp is a part of the cover plate.

11. Mirror cover plate raised.jpg (84085 bytes)

View of the mirrors inside the scanning head. This is a view from the other side of the scanner.

Cleaning of the mirrors should be done with caution. These mirrors have a surface coating and could be easily damaged.

12. Mirror cover plate raised reversed.jpg (70763 bytes)


Re-assemble the scanner in reverse order.
Watch your fingers, don't get fingerprints on the inside of the glass after all the hard work.

Wayne Fulton at has a page on cleaning scanners

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