How to open the case of a Canon CanoScan 5000F scanner.

The following information came from a user, Thank you Chris for these pictures and descriptions.

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Remove the document cover, you will find two screws in the hinge pockets. 1_Canon5000F_HingeScrewLoc.jpg (25374 bytes)
You have to remove the front cover (bezel) to get to the hidden screws. Click on the thumbnail to read the instructions on the image. 2_Canon5000F_FrontBezelOn_annotated.jpg (53925 bytes)
Front cover removed.
Click on the thumbnail to read the instructions on the image.
3_Canon5000F_BezelOff_annotated.jpg (40729 bytes)
Top View showing the location of the screws. 4_Canon5000F_BezelTopView.jpg (36803 bytes)
Quote from Chris: "Once the cover was loose I simply unplugged the small ribbon cable that attaches to the front controls. I used the cleaning procedure as described on your web-site [Canon8400F] (thanks again for this). I did not dig any deeper than cleaning the haze off the platen as I was not sure where any mirrors were located. I might tackle that aspect in the future if needed. Perhaps I should not have, but dishwashing soap (Dawn) did not remove the haze very well so I did end up using blue Windex. I can't discern any adverse effects on the window. There is still a trace of haze left, but it is much better than it was. Re-assembly was simply the reverse of the above."

I recommend using Isopropyl Alcohol for cleaning the glass instead of Windex. Webmaster


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