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Benq refuses to sell service manual

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Where to Get Epson Parts  
How to Build a Light Table   Want to view a whole roll of film or Slides?
How to make a Background from a bed sheet   Using a bed sheet for a background
How to Copy with Digital Camera   Example of photographing a Record album for a CD/DVD insert.
How to CopyBusiness Cards with a Digital Camera  
Lighting for Copying   How to light objects to copy. Works with any camera
Optoisolated Adapter   for Photo strobes (Safe Syncing)
Serial Cable Connector pinout   for Digital Cameras
Relisys Dimera 3500   Pictures and Spec.
Olympus Cameras     External Flash, Connecting to Computer

For the following PDF you will need the Japanese font for Adobe Reader.
To Save to your computer, in Windows, Right Click and Save Target As.
  The EXIF file format used in Digital Cameras.

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Minolta Scan Dual IV   Some quirks and how to fix. This scanner is obsolete.
Scanner Bookmarks   Download of drivers for some scanners, manuals and other info.
Compare CIS v CCD   Example of the difference between depth of field in CIS v CCD sensors in scanners.
How to Clean a Canon 8400F scanner   How to clean the glass and mirrors to fix a color gradient.
Remove Glass Canon 9950F   How to remove the Glass from a Canon 9950F scanner.
Open the Case of a Canon 5000F   How to open the case of a Canon 5000f scanner.
Scanning Odd size film with a Canon 8400F scanner   How to scan film other that 35mm or 120 size.
Film Data   Some film data sheets and some old catalog pages. Some Kodak and some Polaroid.
Still Camera Films   PDF of list of Still Camera Films in the Kodak Photographic Products 1977-1978
Acer620ST Instructions for Windows XP SP2   Procedure to install on Windows XP SP2

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